Get Songs Online

These days everybody has a mobile device and most clubs have wifi. People love to scour a catalog for a song to sing and in a dim lit venue nothing beats a mobile device for perusing songs. Colorful and easy to read, Karaoke Manager makes looking for songs fun and easy.

QR Codes and PayPal

With QR codes singers can scan a code on a table, handbill, flyer, etc. and be brought right to your catalog. You as the admin have the option of letting your singers submit their song requests directly from the catalog with a PayPal tip button suggestion afterwards. You can toggle this option off a long with many other options such as whether you want them to see the singer queue. The option to just allow them to browse and hand you a slip, and throw a tip in the jar is always there as the default.

Create Categories

You can create categories such as "Fun Group Songs", "Halloween Songs", "Duets", etc. and the singers themselves can save songs to their own personal list and categorize their own songs as well.


Adjust Appearance

Give the catalog the same appearance and theme as your website or hand bill by adjusting the colors and uploading your own background image.

Import Songs

Getting your songs online takes less than a minute. You basically just import an excel file of your catalog. Regardless of what format your list of songs is in, Excel will easily import it. (Click on importing songs above, especailly if you're unfamiliar with Excel). You can add songs individually in the Admin area as well. You can also tag songs before you import them in 2 steps.

Recently Added Feature

Every time you import or add songs they are displayed on a page titled "Recently Added". Always a popular page as singers can instantly see the new additions to your catalog. No more printing up a list on a piece of paper and tucking it in the songbook at the end. Usually these disappear in a week and it doesn't take long for your books to get tattered and smelling of beer. It's best to let karaoke Manager handle your catalog.