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Song ArtistSongID MyList
4 To 1 In AtlantaByrd, TracyCB80596
4,003,221 Tears From NowJudy StoneCK29967
4,003,221 Tears From NowJudy StoneAC30453
400 AmOur Lady PeaceSC42167
409Beach BoysSC38111
42Nd Street42Nd StSC36986
42nd StreetBroadwayPI27065
455 RocketKathy MatteaMP48729
455 RocketMattea, KathyCB78588
455 RocketMattea, KathySC40439
4EverThe VeronicasSF3182
4EverVeronicas, TheSF97908
4HimBasics of LifeCB68281
4HimFor Future GenerationsCB67995
4Th of JulyJennings, ShooterCB82655
4th of JulyShooter JenningsTU21689
5 15The WhoMS54126
5 Colors In Her HairMcflyMR91699
5 Colours In Her HairMcflyZM100760
5 Miles To EmptyBrownstoneSC40789
5 Seconds of SummerJet Black HeartZP102897
5 Seconds of SummerJet Black HeartZP102947
5 StairstepsO O H ChildCB68707
5 Years TimeNoah & The WhaleSF2737
5 Years TimeNoah and The WhaleSF97793
5, 6, 7, 8StepsSF22330
50 CentCandy ShopSF98364
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul SimonPA4883
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul SimonMP50329
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul SimonSC4884
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverSimon, PaulUB4555
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverSimon, PaulCB86083
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverSimon, PaulSC36792
50 Ways To Say GoodbyeTrainSF67149
50 Ways To Say GoodbyeTrainZP73558
50 Ways To Say GoodbyeTrainZM103415
50 Ways To Say GoodbyeTrainBH65632
50,000 NamesGeorge JonesTU11595
50,000 NamesJones, GeorgeCB27260
50,000 NamesJones, GeorgeCB81806
50,000 NamesJones, GeorgeCB77168
50,000 NamesO'Hara, JamieSC37136
500 MilesPeter & Paul & MaryCB90195
500 MilesPeter Paul & MaryCB88152
500 MilesPeter, Paul & MaryPI27032
500 MilesPeter, Paul & MaryCB60645
500 MilesPeter, Paul and MaryCB19158
500 MilesProclaimers, The & Brian Potter & Andy PipkinMR92132
500 MilesThe ProclaimersIL64379
500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)ProclaimersVU66615
500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)Proclaimers, TheSF19516
500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)Proclaimers, TheEK19515
500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be)The ProclaimersZU63942
500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be) Comic Relief 20Proclaimers, TheEZ19517
500 Miles Away From HomeBare, BobbyCB59057
500 Miles Away From HomeBare, BobbySC45282
500 Miles Away From HomeBare, BobbyCB79336
500 Miles Away From HomeBobby BareCB4788
5-4-3-2-1Manfred MannEK16539
5-4-3-2-1Mann, ManfredZM100716
5-4-3-2-1Mann, ManfredZK59490
57 ChevroletBillie Jo SpearsZM58179
57 ChevroletSpears, Billie JoZM29575
57 ChevroletSpears, Billy JoSF94357
59Th St Bridge SongSimon and GarfunkelLG21712
59Th Street Bridge SongSimon & GarfunkelUB73957
59Th Street Bridge SongSimon & GarfunkelLG94992
59Th Street Bridge SongSimon & GarfunkelCB90465
6 8 12Brian McknightMS54017
6 8 12Mcknight, BrianCB64744
6 UndergroundSneaker PimpsSC41791
6 WordsWretch 32SF95602
6 WordsWretch 32BH96478
6, 8, 12Mcknight, BrianSC44380
6, 8, 12Mcknight, BrianCB77439
6,8,12Brian McknightCB6659
60 Minute ManDominoes, TheSC36716
634 5789Blues BrothersZM100507
634 5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A)Pickett, WilsonCB87588
6345789Pickett, WilsonCB89296
6345789The Blues BrothersZP75765
634-5789Pickett, WilsonCB60069
65 Love AffairDavis, PaulSC39534
65 RosesWolverinesAC29934
679Wap, Fetty & Remy BoyzSF101642
679Wap, Fetty & Remy Boyz (Duet)SF102388
68 GunsThe AlarmSF3686
6Th Avenue HeartacheThe WallflowersMP50117
6Th Avenue HeartacheWallflowersSC39704
7 DaysCraig DavidET30071
7 DaysCraig DavidMP50616
7 DaysDavid, CraigEZ102642
7 DaysDavid, CraigSC45986
7 DaysDavid, CraigCB78233
7 DaysDavid, CraigCB90528
7 DaysDavid, CraigCB77677
7 Rooms of GloomFour Tops, TheCB87097
7 Rooms of GloomFour Tops, TheCB60926
7 Seas of RyeQueenSF28843
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